Graphic Design: Tips for Designing a Business Card

Every business needs a powerful business card to help draw in future clients. Follow these tips to learn how to use graphic design to build your client base. It all starts with the business card.

Use Important Information Only

The average business card is 2”x3”. Your future clients only need pertinent information, and it is easy to add too much fluff to a business card. Keep   the information on the card limited to the basics:

  1. Your Name & Title
  2. Your Company’s Name
  3. What Your Company Does
  4. Address
  5. Phone Number & Email
  6. Memorable Phrase That Will Draw in Clients

Choose a maximum of 3 colors to use

People love colors, but can sometimes go overboard with them. It is best to try to limit yourself to a total of 3 colors. Limiting yourself will make your card captivating, but not overwhelming. Use your company’s colors if possible, so that every detail on the card relates back to your company in some fashion.

Choose a font that will be easily readable when it is small

Choosing a font for your business card is both fun and difficult. You want to use something exciting and eye-catching, but easy to read at really small sizes. The text on the average business card is usually about nine-point font or smaller. Most businesses will have cards on their front counter, so grab a few to see for yourself just how tiny the font is, and they even may give you design ideas.

Choose a professional font

You may want a font that has some flair, but you want to avoid something that goes overboard. Try checking out sites like DaFont or Font Squirrel for creative and professional font options. Using a professional font can make your card readable at any font size. Resist the urge to use curly or fancy fonts, as they are harder to read and are not as professional.

Come up with a memorable phrase that sums up your business in a few words

You want people to know your contact info, but you also want them to have a phrase in mind that makes them want to call about your services or products. For instance, if you were a photographer, your catch phrase could be something like, “Let us help you capture the priceless moments in your life!” Anything that will draw clients to you, not the competition, is a strong catch phrase.

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