7 Tips to Hone and Develop Your Email Marketing Strategy


Everyone has an email address nowadays and most people check it several times a day, on their computers and their cell phones. In fact, checking email is the first thing that adults do when they get to work and the first thing that teenagers do when they get home from school. So if you want to bring your product or service to someone’s attention, email marketing is a good way to do so.

Here are some email marketing tactics you might want to keep in mind to make sure that your email stands out:

Don’t Try Too Hard

Very bright graphics, complicated fonts and the overuse of the terms “free” and “zero” are sure to turn your customer off. Instead, it’s best to keep your marketing emails friendly and conversational. The customer should feel like they’re talking to a friend. This will make them more interested in the product you’re selling and more likely to follow the link to your website or look you up later.

Don’t Use Jargon

No one wants to open a marketing email and be faced with language they don’t understand. Unless you’re writing emails for a very specialized audience, don’t do this. All the specs you’re giving your customer might be important but they need to be stated in a way that the customer understands or else your email won’t even get read.

Keep Your Tone Conversational

This is really important when writing for the internet. When you write a book, it’s okay to use a lot of words and write in big paragraphs. But people browsing the internet don’t have that much patience. So you should keep your sentences and your paragraphs short and your words simple, just like you do in everyday speech.


If possible, you should try to personalize your marketing emails. This doesn’t necessarily mean referring to your customer by their first name. It all depends on the product you’re selling and the demographic you’re targeting. If you’re selling clothing to hipsters, by all means go ahead and use their first name. But if you’re selling financial services to middle-aged people, you might want to use the appropriate prefix followed by their last name.

Be Specific

Why exactly are you sending this marketing email? Is it for a range of products or one product in particular? Are you offering a discount at this time? If so, how much of a discount are you offering? And until when? Are you introducing something new in your product line? If so, how is it different from what you were offering before? It’s good to be specific about all these things and to spell out everything right away in your marketing email.

Think from Your Customer’s Point of View

Maybe you’ve been specific about what you’re offering your customer. But have you been specific about how this will benefit your customer? What does it mean for them? What will they get out of it? And if there are different things that different people will get out of it, it doesn’t hurt to spell them all out. It’s a good idea to think from the point of view of the customer and show them how the product will add value to their lives.


Email marketing is an outbound method of marketing in which you reach out to the customer. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be one way. You can always invite the customer to respond by calling in or emailing you. And it’s a good idea to actually listen to the customer or read their emails to find out more about what they’re looking for. This will help you tailor your strategy towards them in the future.

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