5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Touchpoints


Some people in business look at the big picture. They see the larger issues, the overall mission, and when they develop a marketing plan, their primary focus is the main objective. Then there are those who zero in on the details. These individuals insist the devil is in the details when it comes to marketing. Focusing on each customer touchpoint is a way to make sure your brand excels. With the large variety of options customers can choose from today, you want to be sure your company stands out. Delving into the intricate details of customer touchpoints is crucial. Personalizing each touchpoint creates an awesome experience for your customers. Here are five ways to improve customer touchpoints.

Design an attractive and user-friendly website

The website is perhaps the first stop many consumers make when getting to know your company. You want their first impression to be positive. There are two areas of importance when customers reach your site:

User interface: You want your customers to see a well-designed website when they visit you online. This means no clutter or glaring patterns, colors, or designs on the website. You want your website to be easy on the eyes.

User experience: The other half of an attractive website is making the site work for the customer. It can’t just look good, it needs to be highly functional. Content needs to be helpful and informative while navigation remains simple. Customers must easily see how to set up an appointment, where to contact your business for help, and what specials you are offering.


Once customers decide to purchase your product, delight them with appealing packaging. Be creative and use packaging to not only attract the customer but also find new ways to promote your brand and advertise to others.

Sales collateral

As part of your marketing strategy, you want to make sure your customers have a physical reminder of your business. These include business cards, brochures, presentations, and personalized letters. The quality of these items will make an impression on your customers because it is something they will see and handle. You want to create your sales material using a superior quality card stock, paper, and design.

Personal interactions

Web sites may be impressive, the packaging dazzling, and marketing materials snazzy, but if you don’t delight your customers in person, then it spoils the effect. Not many people will overlook poor customer service. Employees need the training to do their job, but also customer service training. It doesn’t end there. You need to make sure your facility has ample employees to cover customer concerns promptly. If there is one thing that will turn off customers fast it is waiting a long time to get service or to walk into a place that appears deserted.

In store image

Once your customers are in the store, you want to keep them there long enough to do business with you. This requires a setting that is clutter-free, clean, amply lit, and nicely decorated. According to Psychology Today, clutter actually makes people feel stressed and overwhelmed. An anxious and overwhelmed person will likely not feel like shopping. Usually, when you are stressed you want to remove yourself from the stressful environment.

Cleanliness is important for obvious reasons. A clean store shows the owner cares about the property and customers. When placed strategically, lighting highlights certain areas of the business, makes rooms look larger and airier, increases productivity, and boosts mood. Decoration plays a part in how customers perceive your business. Some research states that color may affect people. Using the right colors and décor is an important part of the overall business image.

Focusing on your customer touchpoints is a necessary step to ensure your brand stands out as superior.

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