5 Decision Points in Hiring A New Marketing Agency


The decision on whether to hire a marketing agency to help in your marketing efforts can be complex. On the one hand, you might recognize the benefits of learned professionals helping you promote and grow your brand. But on the other, you know that it will take time and money to get to that level of success.

So which outweighs the other? How can you decide whether outsourcing marketing is worth it and beneficial for your brand? Here are 5 decision points that can help you more easily answer that question.

1) Do You Have Internal Marketing Expertise?

Outsourcing any aspect of your business is a natural decision if you don’t have the expertise to do it yourself. Marketing is craft, requiring both existing skills and knowledge and a desire to keep up with a constantly changing field.

If you don’t have the expertise or time necessary to be successful, outsourcing is your ideal solution. In that case, you can draw from a wide range of benefits, including the ability to stay up to date with the field and take advantage of new marketing opportunities as they arise and before your competition.

2) Do You Have the Budget?

When you outsource any type of service, you will have to pay extra for it. If you work with the right partner, the investment will be well worth it, resulting in a positive ROI and a growing brand.

But if you don’t have the budget at all, it might not be possible to work with that partner. Determine exactly how much money would be available for marketing, and talk to potential partners about how far that budget could get you. Only then should you make a decision on whether or not to outsource.

3) Are You Looking for Short- or Long-Term Efforts?

How integral is marketing to your long-term business success? You may see it as a simple opportunity to add some short-term pop to a new product or current sales effort. But in reality, the most successful efforts are long-term, helping you strategically grow your brand and business.

For short-term efforts, you can probably get away with in-house marketing efforts. But if you’re looking long-term, a partnership with an external agency becomes more beneficial. Now, you can plan a more comprehensive marketing strategy that reaches and convinces your audience of your brand benefits over time.

4) Have You Tried Marketing Yourself?

The most natural fit for working with an external marketing partner is a business that has tried, and failed, to market on its own. Particularly channels like social media and email can seem simple to business owners, but will not generate positive results until they are approached strategically.

Make no mistake: a failed email campaign is not necessarily caused by the shortcomings of the medium. The same email campaign, may have been successful if handled by marketing professionals. If you are struggling to promote your brand, particularly online, try outsourcing your efforts and compare the results.

5) How Deep Are You Willing to Go?

Finally, your decision on whether or not to outsource your marketing efforts should be based on just how far you’re willing to go in integrating promotional efforts into your business strategy. Marketing is at its best when it informs all aspects of the business, from product development to customer service.

That integrated approach, of course, can be difficult to achieve for small and medium businesses. That’s why working with a partner who can give you valuable advice on all aspects of the concepts can be so beneficial. The deeper you’re willing to go in building a marketing strategy for business success, the more likely you’ll need an external partner that can help you get there.

Outsourcing marketing can benefit most businesses, regardless of size. The fresh perspective, along with trained expertise and undivided attention, can be the difference in helping your brand distinguish itself from your competition. It’s a complex process, but will bring you positive ROI over time as long as you can find the right partner. 

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