3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy


No matter how well a product is designed or how skilled a person is at something, there is always room for improvement. That is especially true when talking about marketing, particularly email marketing. Even the best email marketing strategy in the world would benefit from regular review and analysis, fine-tuning, and other improvements. After all, anyone who is using email marketing understandably wants their efforts to be as powerful as possible.

In this post, we will introduce three great ways that you can boost the strength of your email marketing strategy.

Don’t Forget to Include The Unsubscribe Link

By law, businesses are required to allow email recipients to opt-out of any emails they receive. While it sounds counterproductive to make the unsubscribe link highly visible and easily accessible, it’s actually one of the best and easiest ways to ensure that your email newsletter list contains recipients who are actively engaged and truly interested in receiving your emails. At the end of every email, make sure to include the opt-out link in a noticeable format to allow your recipients to choose whether or not they want to receive information from you.

Strengthen Your Personalization Efforts

You’ll hear a lot today about the importance of personalizing the emails that you send to your recipients. But just saying “personalize it” is pretty vague and there is a lot of territory to cover as well as ways to optimize your efforts. Firstly, make sure you collect pertinent data right off the bat during the time that the recipient fills in the opt-in form. Get their name, age, gender and so on. Then, it’s a good idea to start segmenting your subscribers according to location, job field, and interests to ensure that you are sending them messages that are relevant and of real value to them. Another thing you can do is throw out the whole one-size-fits-all email format and really personalize the content in each email. Start by addressing the recipient by their actual name and then adding content that uniquely fits their needs and interests.

Tweak The Copy

Regularly asses the copy in your emails and determine what needs to be fixed, added, or replaced for greater relevance. A good way to start off your emails is by keeping the subject line brief. This makes it easier to read and has more poignant results when you are selective with your wording. Another extremely important step to take is to make sure your name is customized. More than half of Americans judge whether or not they will open an email based on the name they see. If it is a name they know, trust, and like, they will be substantially more likely to open it up and read the content. But if it is a name they don’t recognize, it will be harder to get them to open up the emails. As we stated above, personalization is an incredibly important part of your email marketing strategy, therefore you will need to personalize the copy. Lastly, don’t make your emails too text-heavy. Especially when you are formatting your emails for mobile devices, you want to keep the content light and easy-to-read. Keep your text relatively pithy and actionable. Stay away from wording that is unnecessary, confusing, or dull and remove anything that doesn’t really need to be there.

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