What Do "AAPL" and "Mad Cow Disease" Have in Common?

    Answer: they are both currently trending on Google -- Google Trends, to be precise.

    Google Trends is a great resource for social media marketers, bloggers and content writers. It shows you the top trending searches for the day (with an extensive history), and updates several times a day.

    You can either search trends or check out the current trends. You can view the top 10 trends on the main Google Trends page or click through to see a more extensive list. 

    It’s a great snapshot of what’s on people’s minds and what they’re interested in--a great starting point for writing a blog post or other web content. For each trend, you can click to see more information in addition to the top search results and related topics.

    For example, one of the top stories today in the paper is Apple’s stock doubling. On Google Trends, “AAPL” is trend #5 (with “Apple stock” not far behind at #14). On click through, we can see a breakdown of the trend and why or where it’s hot. 

    This tool is an excellent resource for finding out what’s hot and what’s getting people’s attention. Feeding these trends into your blog posts, site content, Tweets, and Facebook updates can get you attention and traffic from the searching masses.

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