Website Design: How Big Should Your Blog Get?

    Building a blog for your company can be a very exciting venture. While you want to be as creative as possible, you also want to research how to make the most effective content. Many search engine experts are saying to focus on creating niche websites centered around one or two keywords. Others are suggesting that creating massive authority sites is the best way to get your company out there. If you aren't sure how big your blog should be, use this quick guide as a starting point.


    Niche Blog Advantages

    From a SEO standpoint, it seems like niche sites have the most advantages. They are seen as authorities on very specific topics, which helps bring you a very specific audience. This is very beneficial for small businesses who sell one or two different products.

    Niche blogs can also be easier to market to specific people online. Because you are only covering one subject or keyword, you are only reaching out to a few people. You may also be able to update less often, provided your content is evergreen, and get the same amount of traffic.


    Big Authority Pages Dominate the Web

    Smaller websites may be easier to manage, but everyone wants to refer others to an authority site. This is because authority sites cover a wider range of topics, making them more likely to have the information the user wants. This bumps them up in the search results and makes them more likely to be linked to.

    The downside of building a larger blog is the amount of work that must go in to it. From a website design perspective, you will need to spend a lot of time perfecting your site before it goes live. You will also need to post regularly and stay relevant if you want to succeed. Larger businesses who carry a multitude of products or are targeting several different audiences should consider creating a large blog.


    For most companies, having a SEO-friendly blog means writing new content once or twice per week. The larger your company or industry, the larger your blog should be. To learn more about search engine optimization, please contact us today. 

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