The Importance of Blogging - Because Creative, Fun, New, and Quality Content is Still King

    You have all heard the typical answers as to why you should provide your clients with quality content, “Because it will make my website more visible (SEO), because I have to keep up with modern technology, and because it makes my website/products more interesting.” These are all great answers, and you should blog quality content for those reasons. But you should also blog creative, fun, new, and quality content for this plain and simple reason: People (your clients) matter and people like to read quality content.

    You do a great disservice to everyone on the internet when you write blog posts that are copied, dull, uninteresting, eyelid-closing, and all around unbelievably boring and confusing drivel. Spice things up. Write about what you think, include interesting quotes and thoughts from actual books and smart people. Do not allow your readers to take your word on everything – include statistics, facts, quotes, and more from valid and credible sources. According to this site, “Google wants to see three particular aspects of content - quality, uniqueness and relevance.” These days, it is not enough for your SEO endeavors to have a LOT of content you need to have quality content that is both unique and relevant.

    According to this article, in order to come across as an authority on a subject you need to “be knowledgeable and passionate…” you need to be “original” you need to “focus on well-written content” and you need to share your content.

    The importance of blogging can and in some cases has been overstated, but the necessity of blogging quality content – needs to be reiterated over and over until the internet is full of unique, interesting, and quality content.

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