Small Business Websites - Get it Right the First Time

    It may be hard to believe that in this day and age only half of all small businesses have websites. When 97% of consumers search online for products and services, not having a web presence is like shooting yourself in the foot. Whether your small business website is up and running or you’re just getting out of the starting gate, it is important to do the research and make sure your web presence plans are on the right track. When just starting out there are two things you should focus on: 1) Being Found by Your Potential Customers, and 2) Converting Visitors into Customers.

    Getting Traffic to Your Website

    Converting Visitors into Customers

    Congratulations you got a potential customer to your website! The next question is can you keep them there and to get the sale? Most small businesses   websites do not effectively convert visitors into customers. More often than not small businesses are failing to effectively serve their customers online. Here are a few things that help turn visitors into sales:

    • Clear calls to action
    • Defined Sales Paths that present your services the way you want them presented
    • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Design 

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