Small Business Branding: Don't Forget Social Media

    You know all about the importance of small business branding. After all, we may have talked about it once or twice... or maybe 
    even more than that. So we are not going to sit here and beat a dead horse trying to bring home that message (rest in peace, dear horse.)

    So we've established that branding is critical for your small business, and you have made sure that your website is well-designed and speaks to exactly the kind of brand you want. And you have made sure that your branding strategy is thoroughly documented so you can stay consistent.

    But wait, are you forgetting something?

    Don't forget to brand your social media presence!

    There's more than one part to branding on social media. Let's run through each part. Feel free to check off each once you know your small business is good to go.

    Visual Branding

    First is visual branding: is your profile picture or icon the same across each platform, or at least consistent with your brand? What about your cover photo on Facebook or background image on others? This can extend to your posts on social media, too. Studies show that 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are images. Add a visual aid or prop to your post to catch browsers' eyes as they swipe past. Just make sure that at least half of your   posts with images have some sort of brand on them — are they designed the same way? Do they have your logo or a watermark on them?

    Voice Branding

    Who are you on social media? Are your posts consistent with the voice you want your company to have? If you have multiple people posting to the company's social media profiles, make sure they are in agreement as to what the voice should be. This will vary somewhat between platforms: for example, you'll probably want to be a little more serious on LinkedIn and a little more light-hearted on Twitter.

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