Selling a Product on Your Website

    Opening up your site to e-commerce is a great way to bring in extra cash. You can start with a few products and work your way up to a full store.

    Don't have a physical product? No problem--try selling an e-product. An e-product is anything you might deliver as a download. This could include PDFs, video, music, audio files, forms, photos, images, software--you name it. Many business do very well selling e-products. Take a look at Apple, for example, whose sales on iTunes of music and apps have made them one of the most valued companies in America.

    The best thing about e-products is that there is no shipping and you don't need to keep track of the stock. However, they are often a lot more work to develop or license.

    We help businesses build the foundation for their online sales. Our system handles the sale from customers selecting the product, shipping, and inventory management to customer follow up. If you are interested in e-commerce, just ask for a tour of our system.

    WARNING: Many online product sales sites fail because they don't budget for marketing. The days of "if you build it, they will come" are gone. To properly advertise your product, you need to invest in AdWords,marketing on other websites, and local print advertising.

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