Importance of Blogging: What Happens First, the Ideas or the Posts?

    The importance of blogging cannot be underestimated. Some business owners might get stuck before starting their first blog post. However, once you start writing, you might come up with more ideas as you write. This goes back to the old question: "What comes first, the chicken or the egg?" Sometimes, it helps to just start writing. Other times, it helps to plan out your posts.

    Here are some tips for creating a better business blog:

    Take Notes and Make Outlines

    Many writers like to go through various steps before actually writing. It helps to perform research, brainstorm and take notes of ideas or questions. Recent news or events can be great places to start when looking for ideas about the latest trends. It also helps to ask sales teams about common client questions. Build lists of keywords or topics that you may want to include in your blog posts. Stay open to ideas and topics early in your planning phases, and then narrow down your choices and tackle your blog posts one by one. Create an outline for a blog post before writing it, and see if that helps you with your writing process.

    Look for Niche Opportunities  

    Another approach to planning blog posts is to think about niche topics that may not have been written about in-depth by others. This gives you the opportunity to create high visibility for your business online. If people are searching for that niche topic, your article might just fill the gap missing online.

    Inform Readers in Various Ways

    When planning to write, think about the obvious and the not-so-obvious concepts that pertain to your brand and products. As you write, you can inform audiences about the value that your business brings to the marketplace. This can be through direct communication, or indirectly by discussing interesting topics related to your business. While it takes some time to research, plan, outline blog posts, and finally write, the work is often very worthwhile. Don't forget to consider the role of tone in your work, and how readers perceive various writing styles. Take the time to edit your work (or ask someone to proofread it) before you publish it on your blog.

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