How to Write Inbound Marketing Content for Your SEO Keywords

    1710-small-dog-SEO-Keywords-Blog.jpgIn the modern online business environment, search engine optimization is one of the post powerful factors you can work with. Because your goal is to bring as many potential customers to your website and doorstep as possible, you have a variety of keywords to work with, all derived from the kinds of things your target audience searches for when they are almost ready to buy whatever it is you have to offer them. With enough keyword integration, visitors, and successful conversions, Google will eventually elevate you to the top of all the search results you care about. The only question is how to get there.


    Integrating Keywords

    Most companies start with three factors that need to be integrated in order to boost your site's SEO rating. There's the website itself, the inbound marketing content you write, and a list of keywords produced by SEO research. When just getting started with SEO, it's important to thread those keywords throughout your website and existing content in order to help the search engines know who you are and what you have to offer your online visitors. However, once you're creating new content with that list of keywords at the ready, it's time to change your tactics. You are no longer simply re-writing existing phrases to nest your keywords into, you should be writing for the keywords themselves


    Writing For Keywords -AKA- SEO Copywriting

    There are two ways to ensure keywords are realistically and helpfully included in your online content. The first way, integration, involves finding a home for the keywords in already written content. The second involves writing content that naturally complements the keywords you'd like to incorporate. This is known as SEO copywriting because you are creating copy for the purpose of SEO. As an example, rather than shoving the phrase "fast bike repair" into an article about your services, why not write an entire blog on what makes your bike repairs so fast? You can use your keywords, especially the more dynamic and topical ones, to help you select topics that will suit them and give you plenty of opportunities to embed a selection of phrasing variations throughout each post.


    What Customer Want to See

    When considering SEO copywriting, don't forget what the keywords are. These are actual things your customers want to know about. How to repair their home appliances, where the best local restaurants are, and what makes your services special are all things that your target audience is actively researching, otherwise they wouldn't type the words into the search box. Rather than trying to sneak in 'relevance' points on their searches, try attuning your content to be the most relevant possible to each set of keywords. This will help you create content that not only ranks for SEO but will draw in curious and interested leads as well.


    Getting Creative

    Let's say you're a local Italian restaurant and your keywords are "Good Italian Food," "Best Pizza," and "Cheap Italian Restaurant," as these are all popular searches in your area for customers about to choose an Italian restaurant to visit. While you could sneak these phrases into any content you want, why not use them as inspiration for a blog customers will love? Blogs about your best pizza recipes or how you keep prices down by working with local vendors are exactly the kind of thing local restaurant customers want to see. Write a blog about what makes Italian food not just delicious, but good for you and share a few tips and tricks for making tasty reheated take-out leftovers. These topics are interesting, appealing, and can be packed full of your SEO keywords in a variety of arrangements without a single incidence of 'stuffing'.

    Almost anyone can get started with SEO, but great search engine optimization is the result of actually connecting with your target audience and giving them what they want when they want it.


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