How to Use YouTube Effectively for a Small Business



    Marketing is constantly changing, which means you need to become suddenly changing your strategy. This is not always easy to accomplish, which is why you need to be creative. YouTube is a great tool because of the many options that it provides. With over 1 billion users, it ensures that high-end content gets the necessary views.

    In order to use YouTube effectively, it has to be leveraged appropriately within your marketing strategy. It's not as simple as creating a video and hoping that it goes viral. There are necessary steps involved to be more successful.


    What Does a YouTube Video Provide?

    A YouTube video has the potential to do a lot for you. Once the video is created, you want to get it up on YouTube so that people can view the content. With YouTube mobile video consumption rising by 100% every year, it ensures that more people are likely to view the video directly from their mobile device.
    64% of users are more likely to purchase a product online after they view a video, as well. This drives traffic to your website, allowing people to take action in the form of:

    • Completing a lead form
    • Calling a vendor
    • Making a purchase

    All of these are desirable actions. It also means that you need to create a good call to action so that those who watch your video know what to do next.

    Go Viral

    Viral videos are a great way of standing out from all of the other videos. It increases exposure to your brand and drives traffic to your site. Viral content is hard to create. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s serious. Plenty of people are trying to create content that will be shared by millions, and many fall short.
    There are several steps with getting a video to go viral, and there's no guarantee that it will happen. However, the tips that will help are:

    • Keep it simple
    • Make it unique
    • Ensure the videos are relevant

    If you're able to get the internet on your side, going viral has the potential to do big things for you when it comes to your brand. However, because it's not always successful, it shouldn't be the only component of your marketing strategy.

    Build Engagement

    You need to look at sustainability when it comes to your marketing strategy. This is why it's critical to focus on engagement throughout your YouTube community. This ensures that you develop “fans” who will watch her videos and interact with you on a regular basis.

    In order to accomplish this, you need to understand your demographic and create content that they will enjoy and benefit from. You also need to consistently produce content. Set a schedule and make sure that you stick with it so that you can continue to build upon an engaged community. Consistency and quality are key.

    You also need to be consistent within your brand. Particularly because you are exposing people to a new brand, you need to play upon familiarity. Each time someone watches the video, they need to understand that it’s coming from you.

    YouTube is severely underutilized by a number of businesses. Plenty of people are on YouTube all the time, watching videos. Whether you choose to advertise with YouTube through in-stream or in-display or you simply create a video to be shared and viewed by the millions, you have the potential to tap into your target demographic.

    Video marketing is gaining traction and more people enjoy watching videos in social media, clicking on it from an email newsletter, and viewing it on YouTube. This means you need to leverage it within your marketing campaign to approach your audience in a new and innovative way that remains consistent with your brand.


    To learn more about how to improve your marketing strategies, give us a call or send us a note today at Small Dog Creative 661-702-1310! 


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