How to Start a Blog Right

    Most people don’t start blogs for the pure joy of writing, they want to be heard and read. Where your blog is started, and how it is setup can make a big difference in how many readers you can get and how popular your blog becomes.

    There are a lot of free blogging websites like Blogger and WordPress just to name a few. You can create a free blog on these sites and start blogging right away. However, if you want a blog that will come up in a search result the free options are not your best bet.

    Free blogs often have domain names like, which is a subdomain owned by the company or platform you are blogging on. Content on subdomains does not rank as well as content on proper domains. So it is best to spend a few dollars on registering your domain name in the beginning.

    If you take the time to write and build a online presence, it should be on a domain that you own. The free blogs are just fine for personal use, but in the end the content you wrote is residing on someone else’s website.

    So if you are looking to start a blog stay away from the free platforms. Most hosting companies provide a one-click installation for Wordpress that is included in their hosting packages. After buying a domain name and paying for hosting you can setup your first blog with a few clicks. 

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