eNewsletters: What to Write?

    It's usually pretty easy to write your first eNewsletter or eBlast, but what about the next one, and the one after that. While not all of these tips will apply to you or your business, there is definitely a gem in here for you somewhere.

    Go Personal

    What happened in your life this month that your audience may want to know about? Did you attend a valuable training seminar? Start a blog? Read an interesting article? Write about it. If you don't mind going more personal include a quick note about your summer vacation, a personal goal met, did you get a new pet, or find a new healthy recipe? A little personality can go along way, while it may not be appropriate to make it the focus don't be afraid to add a little tid bit in every now and then.


    Interview: Sit down and ask an associate, or expert 5 or 10 questions. Either use the interview in your eNewsletter or let it inspire something else.

    FAQ: Frequently asked questions are a great addition, and will save you and your staff from answering them all the time. Brainstorm or pole your staff to find out what your FAQ's are.

    Keep in mind your FAQ's may also be seasonal. If you are in skin care, flowers, pool care, auto repair or landscaping... just to name a few, you may be running these FAQ's once a season, or they could become a part of your monthly emails.

    Borrow It

    If you're running out of ideas check out Ezine Articles where you will find no shortage of articles on any subject matter. This is also a great place to submit your own for increased exposure.

    When using Ezine Articles it is important to include the author's credits in the bottom of your email or on your website. Don't take credit for someone elses words, you will get caught... it's not hard to track content on the Internet.

    Recommendations & Reviews

    Books: If there is a book or other literature relevant to your field, by all means recommend it. While this usually isn't the place to give a bad book review consider recommending a book and including a few interesting details about the book.

    Cross Promotion: While this shouldn't be the subject of your eNewsletter, if there is a product or service you feel strongly about include it in a side note to your readers. You may also want to promote a friend's or colleague's  business.

    If you have more tips or input on tips for enewsletters please let me know, I can always use the help as well.

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