I have come to know a lot of small business owners during my career. There are a number of personalities I have run into. One of them is the “dabbler.” There are a few types of dabblers, but the most common and most perilous is the “broke dabbler.” These individuals want to be business owners but they don't quite know how to commit to one thing at a time. As a result, they usually just scratch the surface of a new idea, hit a problem or obstacle, and instead of pushing through the problem, they give up and move on to try something else.

    This usually results in a perpetually-broke business owner. There are good business ideas and bad business ideas, and it can be hard to tell the difference between the two. But if you hit one small bump in the road and run, you will never know if your idea could have been successful. Even great businesses run into problems, sometimes everyday, but it is how they recover and learn from the problems that allows them push through to greatness. Your business can't be successful if you don't commit to it and put in your due effort that success requires. 

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