Align Graphic Design With Marketing Research, Messaging, UI for Best Results

    Once upon a time in website development, graphic design got all the glory. It's just one leg of the stool today. It's an important leg - have you seen poor design? Yuck. The point is that excellent design is one important piece of integrated web design. And an integrated approach to web design isn't "nice" to have, it's necessary.

    Would You Sit on A Chair with Two Legs?

    A team of strategic marketing experts, graphic designers and website developers who understand your business and its goals will ensure your message is on message, that it will reach your prospects in an attention-getting, memorable way. Remove one of those factors from the equation, and your marketing won't add up to much.

    Traditional marketing is not dead. Marketing is (still) about reaching qualified prospects with information about your product to move them through the sales process. Smart businesses didn't use hand-lettered signs to reach prospects in 1980 (they used targeted lists and professionally designed, high-quality brochures) and smart businesses in 2016 don't rely on clunky websites.

    In 2016, your website and online marketing efforts are (or should be) highly sophisticated tools that


    1. Identify prospects and qualify leads for your business
    2. Share your message
    3. Nurture referral business
    4. Reach new markets
    5. Support customer service

    Is your website up to the job?

    Win New Business with a Unified Team

    Regardless of whether you operate in the B2B or B2C space, your prospects are overwhelmed with messaging. Reaching your prospects is the first hurdle; making sure they notice you (for the right reasons) when you reach them is just as challenging. That's why the team approach to managing your website and your marketing is so important. This is who you need in your team:

    Creatives who are equally devoted to industry and audience research, inspired branding, and execution. (A beautiful campaign with poor timing - or launched on the wrong channel - is a beautiful loss.)

    Graphic Designers that go (way) beyond layout. Professional graphic design is about communicating in words, images and video. Done well, it rises above the clammer and your message gets heard. Today, how users interact with your website (user interface, or UI) also falls under the umbrella of "graphic design communication."

    Geeks who love numbers and know how to make a CMS do their bidding are a business website's best friend. Who else will tell you your A/B test showed a higher open rate with that design, and which three pages they visited after they read your email? Who else would know how to tweak your   landing page to get even better leads?

    Once you've got the right team behind your company, website, and marketing efforts, the next question you may have to answer is, are we ready for all of this growth?

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