7 Ways to Boost Your Way to Number One With Paid Advertising

    1709-small-dog-creative-number-one-blog.jpgRemember that time you created a website, populated it with great content, launched it, and got approximately 14 views?


    With patience, those numbers increase, but you don't want to be patient. You want website visitors now. And to get those website visitors now, you're going to need paid advertising.

    A successful paid advertising campaign doesn't just happen. You actually have to do it the right way. 


    7 Tips for Boosting Your Website Success with Paid Advertising


    Find the right keywords

    Using the right keywords in paid advertising campaigns doesn't just attract visitors to your site. They attract the right visitors to your site. 

    • Look at your competitors' keywords. This will help determine which keywords to bid on and make sure competitors don't get traffic from your brand keywords.
    • Use an online keyword tool to discover what keywords your customers are most likely to use.
    • Begin your campaign with a small number of targeted keywords. Keep what works. Get rid of what doesn't. Add relevant keywords. Repeat.


    Master ad copy

    Just because a search engine or social media platform places your ad in a good location, doesn't mean your target audience clicks on it. Ad copy should contain targeted keywords and language that your target audience finds attractive. Make sure your ad copy contains a call-to-action.


    Use data

    Paid advertising allows you to track everything. Adwords, for example, lets you know exactly how every cent is spent. You can track conversions, sales, and people who clicked and then bounced. When it comes to data, simply tracking clicks and traffic is not enough. You need to know which ads generate leads and sales.


    Select the right time

    An ad that works in December may not work in July. If your target audience, for example, is school teachers, you need to understand that teachers have different needs and a different mindset in August when school starts than in May when school is about to end. And regardless of your target audience, you'll want to account for holidays and different seasons.


    Select the right ad type

    The type of ad you choose should revolve around the type of ad your target audience is most likely to click. Here's an overview of different ad types.

    • Display or Banner Ads. Banner ads are the easiest to find because they're big and usually appear at the top of a web page. Banner ads are more likely to attract individuals, but not necessarily individuals you are targeting.
    • Text Ads. As the name implies, text ads display text. They are usually found at the top of search engine results.
    • Video Ads. Video marketing is the fastest growing medium for advertising online. You're most likely to find a video ad on social media platforms.


    Select the right ad medium

    There's more than one place to advertise online. Find out where your target audience is most likely to be and start with that. Here is an overview of paid advertising territory.

    • Google Adwords. The most popular pay-per-click medium offers display ads and text ads. The right Google keyword can lead to large amounts of traffic.
    • Bing or Yahoo. Similar to Google Adwords, display and text ads with targeted keywords appear on these respective search engines. Although less likely to get huge traffic, Bing and Yahoo produce a greater return on investment for some.
    • Facebook Ads. As you've probably guessed, Facebook Ads appear on Facebook. The ability for advertisers to pinpoint their target audience makes Facebook a popular and effective platform to boost your site traffic with the right audience.
    • Other Social Media Platforms. If your audience is more likely to show up on a different platform, don't fret. There's a way to advertise to your target audience on them as well.


    Optimize your landing page

    How often your ads appear relies on many factors, including the quality score of your landing page: the higher your quality score, the more often your ads will be shown, along with a lower cost-per-click. In addition to getting more visitors to your landing page, an improved landing page leads to more conversions. 


    Here are suggestions for improving your landing page's quality score.

    • Describe the products and services in your ad copy
    • Make sure your landing page includes what your advertising in the ad copy
    • Run a speed test to gauge landing page load time
    • Track behavior with analytics


    If you have questions about how to boost your way to number 1 with paid advertising, Small Dog Creative has the answers. 


    To learn more about how to improve your marketing strategies, give us a call at 661-702-1310!


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