6 Reasons Why Your Next Website Should Be Built On WordPress

    WordPress excels at bridging the gap between professional results and outright ownership of your website. 

    WordPress gives your business the freedom to put forth a polished online presence, and customize its content to your liking. Here are seven reasons your company should strongly consider WordPress for your next website.

    1. CMS aka Content Management System

    At the core of WordPress is a powerful CMS or content management system that forms a foundation for web design and development professionals to craft state-of-the-art websites. While powerful, WordPress is also easy enough for you or your staff to manage and edit your content without having to pay or wait for a developer.

    2. Easy for Novices

    Once a website is complete and live on a web server, no coding is needed to add more content, or edit existing content. Drag-and-drop interfaces make creating, styling, and updating content a breeze for anyone in your company.

    3. Powerful Features

    WordPress has a wide user base and some of the best plugins available. These powerful plugins allow you to add features at a fraction of the cost of other content management systems.

    4. Host Your Website Anywhere

    Unlike proprietary platforms, WordPress sites can be developed and hosted anywhere, and are easily moved from one host to another. In addition, developers are free to modify the core code to suit their needs.

    5. Social Media

    Driving customers to share your content can generate lots of traffic, increasing engagement and exposure for your brand. WordPress makes it easy to integrate social media content of any media type into your website, from “like” and “follow” buttons to real-time updates and embedded images and videos.

    6. Built for Blogging

    One of the best ways to drive traffic and boost search rankings is to publish fresh, unique, and relevant content on a regular basis. WordPress is still the world’s most popular blogging platform, so it’s easier than ever to publish articles and present different aspects of your business from a more personal perspective.

    Coupled with a basic content strategy that helps a business manage the flow of content from creation to publishing, WordPress becomes a dream marketing tool that lets virtually any size business leverage the web to play with the big dogs.

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