3 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to prospects or customers and driving sales. There is an art to it, however, and it is one of those things that can either be done really well — or done in a way that leads to recipients hitting the unsubscribe button. Here are three tips to keep your email marketing efforts raking in the leads.

    3. Segmentation Is Your Friend

    If you have a long list of people getting the exact same email, it's time to stop and think. Chances are, those people aren't interested in all the same thing. Large companies rarely send out mass emails to their entire database; instead, they segment out their lists and create multiple versions that are more interesting to certain demographics. See if there's any way you can break your list up and customize the message a bit more: maybe you can create a list of prospects that receive one message, and current customers receive another.

    2. Timing Is Key

    You probably don't want to send people emails constantly. Give them a rest and prevent email fatigue by never sending more than one email a day, and ideally, only once a week. But you also don't want to space your emails out too much, as you want to stay on top of their mind through multiple touches.

    A/B testing is your friend, so experiment with different days of the week and times as well. Some audiences react better to weekend emails, and others are more likely to engage with an email on a Wednesday morning.

    1. Personalize It

    Pretty much every email marketing system offers an option to personalize your email, so use it! At the very least, use the ability to address each recipient by their name, so their email begins with "Hi [their name]" instead of "Hey You!" — unless, of course, you have some reason to treat them like a stranger in a crowd.

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