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    The Importance of Social Media Marketing


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    3 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Business

      It's tempting to create content and then promote on as many channels as possible. Of course, you want to be everywhere and increase the odds that your ideas and message are spread to the masses. A fundamental approach of bringing your ideas to an existing marketplace may work faster and be more efficient. The strategy is utilizing the power of Facebook and its groups. We will discuss 3 ways to use Facebook Groups to propel your business:...

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    Social Networking & Marketing

    Social networking and marketing are key factors to getting your website seen. Think of your social networks as back doors to your website--they allow people to find your business and services on the internet without needing to conduct a Google search. It's also a great way to get people to stumble upon your business. ...

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    Using Social Networking In Hiring

    More and More Employers are Screening Applicants using Social Networking  ...

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    Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Your website cannot be successful if you don't have traffic. You can have a professional looking website, post all the testimonials you want, and have a site full of products but if no one is coming to read them, then you are wasting your time. That is why it is important to think like search engines when building your website. This will help give you a better understanding of what you can do to boost your Google ranking, which is a key factor to your website's success....

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    3 Golden Rules for Social Media

    Great tips from Dell's Director of Social Media, Richard Binhammer's. Here are his 3 golden rules of Social Media. 1. Social media is less of a channel and more of a tool for connecting better with your customers. 2. Social media is only valuable to business when it also has a value for customers. 3. Listen, engage (appropriately and in ‘social' ways) and act....

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    Managing Your Social Networking

    If you have tried social networking you know it takes a lot of time to manage. There's Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter just to get started. It's not easy updated everyone every week let alone every day. That's why most social networking gurus automate it... Yes you can automate and schedule updates to all of these accounts. HootSuite offers a free and paid ($5.99 per month) system that lets you update everything at once. Right now Small Dog Creative has our blog posts scheduled to go live for the next few weeks. When ever we make a post to our blog our FaceBook and Twitter accounts send out a mini version and a link to our blog. It's pretty cool and we only need to set it up once....

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