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    The Small Business Branding Advantage

    Brand is important for any business — that's why large companies defend theirs so aggressively at any cost, like Unilever suing the smaller company Just Mayo for using the word "Mayo" in their name. That lawsuit brought Unilever some seriously bad press, but they obviously thought it was worth it just to protect the Hellmann's mayonnaise brand....

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    Four Reasons that Branding is Important For Small Businesses

    Many small business owners may not think much about branding. They may simply start a business and go on their way. Some people don’t even name their business before they start looking for clients. Some businesses are so small that they never even get a catchy logo or slogan....

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    Small Business Branding: A Foundational Key To Success

    One of the most important components of a successful small business is an effective small business branding strategy. Yet, precious few small business owners consider it at the outset. Maybe that's why so many startups fail within the first three years....

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    Small Business Websites - Get it Right the First Time

    It may be hard to believe that in this day and age only half of all small businesses have websites. When 97% of consumers search online for products and services, not having a web presence is like shooting yourself in the foot. Whether your small business website is up and running or you’re just getting out of the starting gate, it is important to do the research and make sure your web presence plans are on the right track. When just starting out there are two things you should focus on: 1) Being Found by Your Potential Customers, and 2) Converting Visitors into Customers....

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    Small Business Marketing = Smart Marketing

    The biggest crime is marketing is not being remembered. This goes for small business marketing especially. So get creative and even a little crazy, because in the end, being remembered is what counts! Ideas that strike a chord or seem a little wacky are the same ideas that stick in people's minds. For small businesses, it can be hard to compete with the big-budget advertising of the industry moguls, but veering off the beaten path and thinking outside of the box can be the salvation for small business marketing. In many ways, small business marketing is smarter marketing. A smaller budget does not have to mean lower quality or less success. Reworking ideas and finding ways to spin things in your favor may take some extra work, but it will pay off. This covers everything from web & print marketing campaigns to promotions & sales....

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