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    Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” and Questions to Ask Yourself About Branding

    Many small businesses may not realize the importance of a brand. They wrongly believe that branding is something best left to larger businesses. Nike is a brand. Pepsi is a brand. But your small business doesn't seem like a brand to you....

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    Rebranding: Making Sure You Don't Lose Your Current Customer Base

    A recent article from Forbes that's worth reading lists 10 questions that companies should ask before beginning to rebrand....

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    What McDonalds Teaches Us About the Constant Task of Rebranding

    Sitting in a McDonald's restaurant recently, I wondered how this mega corporation stays relevant to consumers in an era when we're more conscious of healthy consumption. Look at their menu and you'll see there are still many options containing high amounts of harmful ingredients (i.e. sodium, oil, fat, carbohydrates, and sugars). Nevertheless, people come in daily to this chain restaurant for a snack or a quick meal. Some stores have extended hours or even 24-hour service, and they're usually safe and clean. Customers enjoy free WiFi, free refills on fountain drinks, and can kill time, for example, when getting their car fixed. In their dining room, there's constant movement of people. Upon closer inspection, I began to notice that their entire atmosphere was increasingly digital. The store has a touchscreen ordering kiosk and a Smartphone app for mobile users. There is a digital menu on the board, which today featured a caramel dispenser dressing the top of a frozen frappe sans assistance from human hands. With the digital elements so carefully integrated into the consumer experience, McDonald's continues to lead the fast food industry.  ...

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