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    Why You Should Use Humor In Marketing

      Guess what: laughter brings people together and humor is highly memorable. That’s backed up by science. So if you were wondering whether or not you should use humor in your marketing strategy, read on, doggonit.   ...

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    May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars Day!

    May is a great month for creative promotions!...

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    April: Pets Are Wonderful Month!

    Promotions are a great opportunity to flaunt your creativity. Creativity is what gets people talking about you and gets you remembered -- which is one of the most important things in marketing. Your promotion can be wacky, an insanely good deal, helping an important charity or non-profit, or any mix of these, but the most important is that it gets people's attention....

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    Creative Holiday Promotions

    Let's face it, holiday sales and discounts are relatively boring and predictable. Other than deciding how much you will discount your products and which products you will discount, relatively little thought or imagination goes into having a sale - especially a holiday season sale....

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