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    Startup Weekend in Santa Clarita

    I just got back from Startup Weekend in Santa Clarita. It was an amazing event, filled with sweat covered programmers and designers building sites and apps to develop and present in 54 hours. Sounds crazy, I know, but there was an amazing energy and excitement in the air that was truly intoxicating....

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    Are You Tooting Your Own Horn?

    It’s vital to share positive press about your company. After all, if you don’t spread your good news, who will?...

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    Lessons from a Comic Book Convention: Raving Fans

    This past weekend, I attended WonderCon - a self-declared convention for the "popular arts," also know as movies, TV shows, comics, books and the like. While not as big as its well-known sister convention ComicCon, thousands of fans still flock to WonderCon’s various booths, panels and events. Production companies send in some of their star actors, writers and directors to talk about what's in the works and coming soon. Why is some of their best talent sent to a comic convention, you ask? Because it is a target audience like no other. This group of self-proclaimed fans won't just watch a panel on the big summer release of “Prometheus,” they will take photos, post on Facebook, Twitter, be the first in line at the box office, and then post even more on Facebook, Twitter and 4 other new social media apps, and probably even blog about it. These aren't just fans, these are raving fans with a vibrant subculture that promotes being the first to know and the one to spread the word. Can your business tap into this type of extreme fan? Absolutely! Every business has a customer or client base that is just waiting to spread the word about your products or services. Leveraging this base takes both marketing and the power of PR. Who is your raving fan? Well, if you ran a contracting business, your raving fans would include real estate agents, repairmen, and anyone who could refer you to a larger network of ready-made connections. These fans may not buy your services, but becoming an ally with them can bring in far more business than a normal customer through positive reviews and referrals. ...

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    Take Care of Your Online Social Reputation

    Nowadays, most brands have a social presence online, and across several platforms -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, among many others. The key to maintaining & managing your social presence is to have a social strategy. This means managing and consolidating your brand’s reputation so that you have a clear presence that is cohesive and dynamic rather than disorganized or repetitive. Here are five quick tips for doing just that: 1. Develop Your Look & Feel. A big part of your strategy is to develop what your brand will look like online. Doing this early on will help make the rest of the process flow smoothly and efficiently. This may take different forms depending on the platform, but your audience should be able to perceive your sense of branding....

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    Casting a Wide Net

    Casting a wide net with your marketing efforts is a great way to spend your entire budget in one fell swoop. There are a few basic rules people tend to forget when they take this approach. The first one is that you should know your audience. The second is that is takes many impressions for someone to really remember you....

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    Networking In Santa Clarita

    So I've been working the networking scene in Santa Clarita. Well, that is to say I have attended 2 chamber meetings and testing the water at two networking groups. Our business has always counted on referrals. In fact there are probably only a "few degrees of separation" between 90% of my clients. Granted a few have found us on the internet, but the majority has been referral based. So I'm excited to get to know some of the SCV movers and shakers, and move a majority of our business to the Santa Clarita Valley. For those who are interested you can check out: Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce, DNASCV Networking Group, and Synergy....

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