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    Reasons To Work With a Marketing Agency

    Marketing, in any form, can be complicated and quite time consuming. Even though most business owners know that, many still struggle to spend time and money on marketing, no matter how much they want to grow their business....

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    4 Big Benefits of Hiring an Agency for Your Startups Success

      Digital marketing is constantly evolving and changing. What works today may or may not work tomorrow. As a startup brand, staying abreast of these trends on your own can prove to be an overwhelming feat…amid the other aspects of business you have to maintain. Yet, in a technology age where more consumers use the Internet to research information, connect with brands and make purchases than any other source, having a solid presence online is a must for businesses to excel in 2017....

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    7 Simple Tips for Writing Effective Web Content

      If you're like many website owners, you apply the same rules for writing web copy that you'd use for writing printed material such as reports, ads, essays, or even books. In other words, you consider the needs, personality, and desires of your audience and jot down words that seem like a good match. While this approach sounds logical, it ignores the fact that writing for the web is completely different from other types of writing. Internet readers are not the same as readers of print copy (even if they're the same people at different times!). To help you understand this crucial difference, here are 7 tips for writing effective web content that probably go against many of your usual writing habits.   ...

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    Eight Marketing Tips and Ideas for Small Business Owners

      As a small business owner, retaining loyal customers and bringing in new ones can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Customers are the lifeblood of your business and without them, you won’t experience the kind of success you are looking for. Having a solid marketing strategy and making sure to devote time to this crucial task each day is key to the long term health of your business!  ...

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    How to Treat Inbound Marketing as the Connector of Existing Practices

      In many ways, the rise of inbound marketing has been revolutionary. It focuses on 'pull' rather than 'push' techniques, looking to draw audiences in with relevance rather than pushing out promotional messages in what had been the status quo in marketing for decades. That revolutionary approach to marketing, of course, leads businesses of all sizes to believe that the barriers of entry in inbound marketing are massive. A switch requires a complete change in philosophy, sometimes making it seem like an impossibility to implement. Of course, that conclusion is far from true. Inbound marketing may require a shift in philosophy, but in many ways, it also leverages the promotional tactics you're already using in new and innovative ways. Rather than changing your entire business strategy, it makes sense to view the concept as a connector of existing practices.  ...

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    5 Decision Points in Hiring A New Marketing Agency

      The decision on whether to hire a marketing agency to help in your marketing efforts can be complex. On the one hand, you might recognize the benefits of learned professionals helping you promote and grow your brand. But on the other, you know that it will take time and money to get to that level of success. So which outweighs the other? How can you decide whether outsourcing marketing is worth it and beneficial for your brand? Here are 5 decision points that can help you more easily answer that question.  ...

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    Email Marketing: How to Improve Open Rates

      Want to stretch your marketing dollars a little further? According to a study conducted by Experian, email marketing is 20x more cost-effective than traditional media. Once a prospect has given you his or her email address, you can continue sending promotional messages for as long as the prospect remains subscribed. But if you want to leverage the power of email to reach a larger audience and grow your business, you'll need to optimize your campaigns for a higher open rate. Conventional wisdom should tell you that promotional emails are only effective if they are opened by the recipient. If you send 1,500 emails, only 20 of which are opened, you won't generate many leads. So, how can you improve your email open rates?  ...

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    Three Marketing Tips and Ideas for Small Business Owners

      Even if you are a small business owner and do not have buckets of cash to spend on fancy advertising campaigns like the big boys do, you can still market your product or service.  You just have to be smarter and more creative about how to do it.  Here are three marketing tips and ideas for small business owners.  ...

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    Attention, Small Business Owners: Do You Know What Success Means?

    Especially for small business owners, marketing can be both complicated and expensive. You may know that you need to run regular campaigns in order to attract new customers and grow your business, but does that knowledge matter if you can't afford it? Of course, the same question becomes much more focused if you understand just how beneficial your marketing efforts actually are in accomplishing your business goals. Unfortunately, simply focusing on how many people your recent Facebook post or campaign reached does not actually give you any information about the success of your efforts. Determining return on investment, predictably, is among the biggest marketing challenges small businesses face today. How can you commit to an expensive and time-consuming marketing campaign if you don't know whether it actually helped you do more than just 'get your name out there'? The first step to rectifying that problem is simple: you need to understand how to actually measure your success in marketing your small business. Fortunately, you can do just that in just three steps:  ...

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    3 Tips to Create Forms People Want to Fill Out

      Asking people to contact you, sign up, enroll, subscribe, download, or any other action online is a crucial step in collecting data you need to gain actionable insights on how to turn site visitors into paying customers. Ideally, your website’s landing pages feature well-designed forms created intentionally to convert anonymous site visitors into leads. But, getting website visitors to divulge information by filling out an online form can be difficult. Understanding what information to ask for and how to ask for it helps increase conversion rates. Your forms are a visitor's doorway to your business. As such, forms need to be inviting and easy to use. By filling out a form, your visitor is taking the first, tentative step in building a real relationship with your business. Let’s make it count.  ...

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    How to Convince Your Boss About the Benefits of Working with a Marketing Agency

    Understanding that your business can benefit from outsourcing your marketing efforts is only the first step. Depending on the role you occupy in your organization, you also have to convince those with budget responsibility of those same benefits.  You may know that the reduced time commitment, increased strategic approach, and other advantages of the concept make working with an external marketing partner beneficial for your company. But how do you get others to agree? Here are 5 tips for convincing your boss about the benefits of outsourcing your marketing....

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    5 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Marketing Agency

      As we've detailed in this space, outsourcing your marketing efforts comes with a wide range of benefits. But of course, even once you've decided that working with a marketing agency is the right step for your business, you still have to make sure that you find a partner that can actually help you effectively reach your audience and grow your business.  To accomplish that goal, approaching your agency search strategically is key. Here are 5 questions to ask potential partner when outsourcing your marketing....

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