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    4 Reasons You Should Focus, Rather than Spread Your Social Media Efforts

        Ever heard the saying that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? As it turns out, the same is just as true for social media. Would you rather try your best to barely reach your target audience on as many outlets as possible, or achieve quality results on the networks where they spend most of their time?...

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    Why You Should Be LinkedIn

    If you would consider your business a professional organization, then you need a LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, if you are a business owner, then you especially need to set up a profile. For those of you who aren't yet familiar with LinkedIn, it is a professional version of Facebook geared solely toward professionals. This way, your connections and interactions remain professional, without you having to worry about non-professional contacts, friends, or relatives (like your kids!) interfering or intruding. Facebook is for socializing; LinkedIn is for connecting and networking....

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    Take Care of Your Online Social Reputation

    Nowadays, most brands have a social presence online, and across several platforms -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, among many others. The key to maintaining & managing your social presence is to have a social strategy. This means managing and consolidating your brand’s reputation so that you have a clear presence that is cohesive and dynamic rather than disorganized or repetitive. Here are five quick tips for doing just that: 1. Develop Your Look & Feel. A big part of your strategy is to develop what your brand will look like online. Doing this early on will help make the rest of the process flow smoothly and efficiently. This may take different forms depending on the platform, but your audience should be able to perceive your sense of branding....

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    Turn to a Recruiter

    Many of you have been effected or know people that have been effected by this terrible economy. I may have a solution for those that have lost their jobs, may be losing their jobs, or someone just looking for a career change. A friend of mine, Bryan Cunningham, is an Executive Recruiter looking for dynamic individuals who are money motivated, coachable, and who are great in social settings. If this is you, please contact Bryan at (818) 674-2885. ...

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    3 Golden Rules for Social Media

    Great tips from Dell's Director of Social Media, Richard Binhammer's. Here are his 3 golden rules of Social Media. 1. Social media is less of a channel and more of a tool for connecting better with your customers. 2. Social media is only valuable to business when it also has a value for customers. 3. Listen, engage (appropriately and in ‘social' ways) and act....

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