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    SEO Best Practices

    The prime objective of any SEO best practice is to make every page on your website as user-friendly as possible. Keep in mind that visitors are viewing your website for a reason, whatever that reason may be. Your job is to manage the functionality of your website in such a way as to make it easy for visitors to navigate from one page to another, obtaining whatever information they are searching for....

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    5 Tips to Adjust Your SEO Strategy for 2018

    The field of search engine optimization never stands still. Google, the most popular search engine in the entire world, continues to make adjustments in order to ensure a consistent, positive, and successful user experience for anyone using it to find the information they need....

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    7 Tips to Help You Enhance the Customer Journey

    Nowadays, the customer journey often begins on social media. It may also begin with a recommendation made in person. Or it might start with one of several outbound methods: TV ads, print ads, internet ads, email marketing etc....

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    7 Ways to Boost Your Way to Number One With Paid Advertising

    Remember that time you created a website, populated it with great content, launched it, and got approximately 14 views?...

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