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    Why You Should Use Humor In Marketing

      Guess what: laughter brings people together and humor is highly memorable. That’s backed up by science. So if you were wondering whether or not you should use humor in your marketing strategy, read on, doggonit.   ...

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    Did Google Catch You the Fool?

    As many people probably noticed, Google loves April Fools' Day. Every year they have the top jokes, pranks, and gags across the Internet. This year was no exception. Did you see any of the Google gags? Here are the top 7. 1) The YouTube Collection. Touted as a "whole new way to enjoy the videos you love," Google introduced a way to get any and all YouTube videos on DVDs in a Netflix-like service. 2)  Google Racing. Google announced its new partnership with Nascar to produce and race the first self-driving racer. Although there's a nugget of truth in Google working on a self-driving car, the Nascar bit is all fool and no fact. 3) Google Maps 8-Bit. Bring back the 80s with Google Maps Quest: Google Maps cartridge version. 4) Google Street Roo. Think Google Street Cars, but strapped to the head of an Australian Big Red Kangaroo. 5) Google Fiber. "Fiberlicious" nutrition bar for 100-fold productivity. Move over Red Bull. 6) Chrome Multitask Mode. Why limit yourself to one hand and/or mouse when you can be twice as productive with two? 7) Gmail Tap. Upgrade from QWERTY with Gmail Tap -- a two-button keypad: dot and dash. Morse code is back! Check out Huffington Post's video slideshow of the top Google pranks for proof of these wacky gags! Which is your favorite? Google runs the gamut every year, and manages to keep the April Fools' game fresh each time. If there's one thing businesses can learn from this, it's that innovation has no limits! After all, they say all work and no play makes Larry (Page) a dull boy....

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