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    Email Marketing - The Zombie that Keeps on Conquering

    Email marketing is dead. How many times have you heard that statement over the course of the past decade? First, social media was supposed to replace it. Then, texting looked to take preference. And yet, here we are, only a few days away from 2018, and the concept is still alive and kicking....

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    Email Marketing: How to Grow Your Audience with Video

    When done right, your email list contains individuals in your target audience who have given you contact information and have requested you send them content regularly. And the more engaging the content, the more likely individuals on your list will take action and become customers and sharers of your content....

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    6 Effective Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    Email marketing is a critical way to reach customers, develop a relationship with them, and call attention to what you're offering, whether it's a new product or a special deal. Some businesses neglect email marketing in favor of social media or traditional offline methods such as mass mailings. Even though other kinds of marketing channels can yield results, it isn't advisable to overlook email marketing. As pointed out in a recent article from Business 2 Community, the vast majority of people check their emails every day, and often first thing in the morning. Many people report that emails have convinced them to make online purchases....

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    Email Marketing: It's More Effective Than You Think

    When you think about email marketing, you might think about the spam emails that you might receive every now and then in your email inbox. These types of emails can instantly turn you away from the idea of wanting to start up your own subscription list, and you might think that this type of marketing is dead in 2016 anyway. However, when done correctly, email marketing is not dead at all....

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    Email Marketing: 3 Reasons Why You Need It

    Is email marketing still relevant? If email’s detractors are correct, the medium should be all but dead by now. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. According to the numbers, quite the opposite is happening. While social media certainly has its place, it’s not the email-killer that some once believed. Forget the anti-email crowd, email marketing actually has one of the returns on investment of any marketing medium....

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    3 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to prospects or customers and driving sales. There is an art to it, however, and it is one of those things that can either be done really well — or done in a way that leads to recipients hitting the unsubscribe button. Here are three tips to keep your email marketing efforts raking in the leads....

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    Four Tips For Getting Started With Email Marketing

    Whether you are marketing your business online or not, you need an email list. With email, you can quickly and easily connect to your clients. Send out a sales flyer and you might get responses right away! Many small businesses shy away from email because they are scared to get started. However,      it is not hard at all....

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    Five Tips To Get Your Emails Opened

    Not every business believes in email marketing but they should. It is a cheap and easy way to get your message out. However, most business owners believe that it is hard to get people to sign up for your email list and, then, once they are signed up, to actually read your emails. People are simply too busy for all of the emails that they receive in one day. So, how can you make sure that your emails are looked at? You have to make sure that your subject line is one that cannot be ignored!...

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    Sharing is Power: Social Sharing in Email Marketing Part 1

    Social sharing has become a next-to-natural part of email marketing, and it’s a trend that is rendering enormous results. Email has become a social tool in itself. Are you using your emails to your fullest advantage?...

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