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    10 Unique Ideas on How To Delight Customer and Keep Them Coming Back

        Most companies work hard to satisfy their customers. To that end, they treat the customer like royalty throughout the buying process. Some even actively ask for feedback or do customer satisfaction surveys to measure satisfaction after the sale. But is mere satisfaction enough? While customer satisfaction is certainly a worthy goal, it falls short of what's possible, and profitable, in today's world. To that end, companies must go beyond just satisfying the customer through the sales process, to making the overall relationship meaningful and memorable. That's how you delight your customers and keep them coming back. Here are 10 ideas on how to create meaningful memories that will keep your customers loyal to your brand:...

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    4 Email Marketing Campaigns that are Perfect for Customer Retention

      Email marketing continues to be relevant, even as new digital marketing options emerge. Its success in helping you attract customers and maximize your ROI is undeniable. But in fact, email marketing can be just as beneficial in retaining your existing customers. Considering the fact that retaining your current customers costs significantly less and has a higher chance of success than growing your customer base, not taking advantage of this tactic in growing your loyalty could be a significant missed opportunity. Here are 4 email marketing campaigns you can implement right now to increase your customer retention.  ...

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