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    Developing Personas for Your Business

          Identifying buyer personas for your business is critical to successful marketing. This helps your team develop winning products, write compelling messages, boost productivity and hone your brand’s messaging. If you’ve not yet created buyer personas, don’t fret! We’ve put together some helpful tips to get you started....

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    Branding or Rebranding: Start the New Year on the Right Branding Foot

    Millions of people start the new year with a list of resolutions designed to create healthier, fitter versions of themselves. Consumers purchase gym memberships and pay diet program fees in order to reinvent, or rebrand, a better version of themselves for the new year. The new year is a great time for businesses to take a closer look at their own brand. The best way to begin the process is to revisit what branding means, why it's valuable, and how rebranding is sometimes a great idea.   ...

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    Rebranding? 10 Things To Think About Before Changing Your Company's Name

    Considering a rebrand for your company? It might be just what you need to jump-start sales and reach new levels of success as a business. But it's a big undertaking, and deserves a lot of thought. If you are thinking of rebranding — or even just changing your company's name — take a moment to think through these ten things to make sure you're on the right track, before taking the plunge and reintroducing yourself to the market under a new name.  ...

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    How to Build Your Brand: 5 Steps for Creating a Killer Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

    The year was 1962.  John F. Kennedy was President, the Soviets were meddling in Cuba, and the Avis car rental company was struggling.  For more than a decade, Avis, whose chief claim to fame was their number 2 status vs. Hertz, had posted annual revenue losses.  In 1962, Avis was on the ropes....

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    Designing The Right Brand For Your Startup

    You are a shiny new startup, paperwork freshly signed and getting ready to open your doors to the world. You and your initial startup team already have the beginnings of a company culture and you've got a pretty good idea of who your target audience is. Now all you need to do is put together an amazing opening marketing campaign to get the word out and open for business. But who will your customers see when they look at you? A respectable firm following old traditions, a cozy family-friendly establishment, or trendy millennial associates? The way you brand your company matters, from the color scheme to the logo. People will try to judge how well you can serve their needs based on the relatability and reputation you project with your branding and marketing designs.  ...

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    Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” and Questions to Ask Yourself About Branding

    Many small businesses may not realize the importance of a brand. They wrongly believe that branding is something best left to larger businesses. Nike is a brand. Pepsi is a brand. But your small business doesn't seem like a brand to you....

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    Branding For Your Target Audience

    When people walk through a retail store or browse an e-Commerce site, they're not judging products completely on features and performance metrics. A number of things influence their decision for a product, and it's not always what you would think. People will often favor a product that suits their personal style, comes in their favorite color, or represents their personal philosophy over one with a higher 'star' rating or more prolific advertising. Because of this, the way you build and present your brand has a huge impact on how potential customers will respond to it. People choose brands they can relate to because the product will be theirs, in their home or on their computers, therefore you want your brand to be relatable to your target audience....

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    Emotional Appeal is Brand Appeal

    Dry, stale logic and analysis do not in any way promote or sell a brand. While you stand there with your annual forecast in your hand, based on last year’s statistical analysis, be prepared to watch your readers fall right to sleep. That is not the first thing people want to know. Oh, there may be a few left standing because they are so left-brain oriented that they only need stats and analysis to make a decision. That's alright. No one shoe size fits all. But you are trying to reach the largest percentage of your target market as possible. Promoting brands without first appealing to the emotions of a prospect is a sure sign of a death knell.  When promoting a brand remember to keep the cards close to your chest. It’s tempting to want to say more than what you need to say because you wonder if you have said enough. Too much information confuses people. Too much information precludes sales. Bullet points are a sterile method to present information. Again, too much information in a sterile easy to read format. Which the Google search engine spiders use as criteria for authoritative content and which help optimize your site but… Let’s agree that bullet points and lists do serve a purpose in promoting a brand but they lack personality and emotional appeal....

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    What McDonalds Teaches Us About the Constant Task of Rebranding

    Sitting in a McDonald's restaurant recently, I wondered how this mega corporation stays relevant to consumers in an era when we're more conscious of healthy consumption. Look at their menu and you'll see there are still many options containing high amounts of harmful ingredients (i.e. sodium, oil, fat, carbohydrates, and sugars). Nevertheless, people come in daily to this chain restaurant for a snack or a quick meal. Some stores have extended hours or even 24-hour service, and they're usually safe and clean. Customers enjoy free WiFi, free refills on fountain drinks, and can kill time, for example, when getting their car fixed. In their dining room, there's constant movement of people. Upon closer inspection, I began to notice that their entire atmosphere was increasingly digital. The store has a touchscreen ordering kiosk and a Smartphone app for mobile users. There is a digital menu on the board, which today featured a caramel dispenser dressing the top of a frozen frappe sans assistance from human hands. With the digital elements so carefully integrated into the consumer experience, McDonald's continues to lead the fast food industry.  ...

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    What Can You Learn About Branding from the “In Style” Website?

    There are certain names that everyone trusts. For example, when it comes to news, The New York Times is a well-known newspaper and website. When it comes to online shopping, people often turn to Amazon. And when it comes to fashion, In Style magazine is a well-known print and online publication....

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    Branding and Why It Needs To Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

      Branding is an amazing concept. It's what allows people to see your name and instantly recognize it with the product or service you offer as well as the experience that you are known for. There are plenty of "household names" out in the marketplace and that's because the companies have spent a lot of time and effort with branding....

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    Branding: A Road Map for Turning Customers Into Fans

      So, you have a business. The product you sell or service you offer is fantastic in your opinion, yet the sales just aren’t where you want them to be. People do not really know your business name. You wonder what can be done. A strong brand image can put you on track to greater success. Branding refers to the process by which your business name becomes recognizable to others and evokes in consumers a particular feeling upon hearing or seeing the business name. A brand image is defined as “the impression in the consumer’s mind of a brand’s total personality (real and imaginary qualities and shortcomings).” A strong brand image is a result of effective branding. Why is this important? Here are 3 reasons why successful branding works.  ...

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    Why Brand Identity is Vital For Your Small Business

      Many people would associate the importance of strategic brand building with large corporations or mammoth brands like Gucci, Nike, and the likes. However, the reality is that it isn't just the big guns that need a strong presence and brand identity; if you run a small business, you will greatly benefit from developing your own brand. In this post, you will discover the top five reasons why small business branding is so vital for the longevity and success of your small business. ...

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    What You Need to Do Before Outsourcing Your Business Marketing

      Marketing can be a complicated endeavor, which is why businesses of all sizes work with external agencies to fulfill their needs. The increase in expertise and experience can significantly benefit your brand. But of course, outsourcing your marketing efforts is not as simple as handing over everything about your brand to someone and letting them go rogue. Instead, it's a strategic partnership that ensures success through close cooperation and a consistent message. To accomplish that goal, here are 4 steps that can help make your outsourcing efforts successful....

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