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    Why You Should Use Humor In Marketing

      Guess what: laughter brings people together and humor is highly memorable. That’s backed up by science. So if you were wondering whether or not you should use humor in your marketing strategy, read on, doggonit.   ...

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    Interests vs. Intent: Comparing Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords


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    The Best Marketing Campaigns of the Year's End and How They Can Prepare Your Small Business for the Year Ahead

      Christmas has come and gone, and now that we are well into the New Year, we finally have time to look at all those holiday campaigns with new eyes. These end-of-year almost always set the tone for the year ahead in marketing and these 3 campaigns are no exception. From storytelling at its best to hashtag campaigns with heart, here are our favorite holiday marketing campaigns and how they can help to prepare your small business for the rest of 2017......

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    Social Media Fails of 2016: What They Got Wrong So You Can Get It Right

      You’ve either got it… or you don’t and you only have one chance to make that lasting impression. The internet, after all, is wildly unforgiving and sometimes for very good reasons. From campaigns that veered just a little bit left of center to brands that got it REALLY, REALLY wrong and REALLY, REALLY gross, here are four social media fails of 2016 to remind you how NOT to be “that company” that has the PR world wondering WTF…...

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    Can Social Media Be Used for Building Leads?

      Social media marketing has moved from a curiosity to a necessity for most businesses. 97% of businesses worldwide now use at least some network to promote their brand. And yet, many of them lack the direction necessary to reliably succeed. The reason: simply creating a Facebook page may not help you achieve your marketing goals. While you can undeniably generate and improve brand awareness, you may not get further than that in helping your business grow. So can social media really be used for building leads? The answer is yes - as long as you know how to go about accomplishing that goal....

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    Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

      When you have a business in any niche or industry, one of the best things you can do is build a strong social media following. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are ideal for pitching products and services. They also let you build a strong community around your brand. If you want to take advantage of this, start applying these 3 social media marketing tips for small business owners. ...

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    Why Should You Use Facebook Advertising For Your Business?

      If you're a frequent reader of this space, you already know the benefits that a social media presence can provide your business. By growing your audience and posting regular, frequent content, you can increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. But sometimes, a simple presence isn't enough. In fact, supplementing your organic (unpaid) efforts with paid advertising can significantly help your brand achieve its marketing and sales goals. Here are 4 reasons you should consider Facebook advertising for your business.  ...

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    Selling Ad Space

    Selling advertising space is difficult to do when you are just starting to build your website....

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    A Lesson from Supercuts: Marketing on the Flipside

    Sometimes good marketing ideas can be found in the most interesting places. These ideas can be surprising and innovative, or “why doesn’t everyone do that?” For example, putting an ad on a back door. Who would look there? Glad you asked!...

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    Which Ad Would You Run?

    Test your marketing savvy! Choosing the most effective ad. A: Selling Your Company, Not Your Product Selling your company instead of your products or service is a pretty common mistake. You might want to show off your new logo, or company name but that is not what your customers care about. In this ad the logo is the dominant element and the services are listed smaller and underneath the logo. This format might work well for the door of your business, but not for an ad. You need to get your customer's attention first, then get them to care about the service or product you provide, and then let them know who you are. You may get calls or attention from an ad like this, but we think there are better concepts out there. B: Listing All Of Your Services Ad space isn't cheap, this tends to cause companies to want to list everything they do to try and appeal to as many people as possible. This usually yields few results. Why? Because people aren't going to search through your ad to find the product they are interested in, or the service that applies to them. Remember your ad is being seen right next to other ads, in the same place as hundreds of other ads, if you can't get noticed is 2 seconds, than you won't get noticed.  C. Selling A Single Service You are right!... (Or at least you chose the one we think would get the best response rate.) Highlighting one of your key services or products and targeting a segment of your clientele is the strongest approach. Why? Well lets start at the beginning. We opted for one of our primary services, and chose a headline that addresses about the additional features that come with our web sites. And by narrowing the subject of the ad we were able to send astronger, more specific message. If we talk hypothetical numbers for a moment, with ads A and B we are targeting a large pool of clients with a less powerful message. So we might expect to see a response rate of 1% out of say 1000, which would give us 10 leads. If we ran ad C to a smaller targeted market, and addressed more specific needs, we would expect to see a higher response rate of say 3% out of a smaller pool of 500, which would give us 15 leads. You can see how decreasing our audience and creating a stronger, more specific message to a targeted segment can actually increase our results. So try casting a smaller (tighter) net for your next campaign. A precise message can be just the thing you need to drive home sales. And get the attention of customers who need what you are selling, and who care about your message. DISCLAIMER: There is a saying in marketing "50% of marketing works, but no one know which 50%". If you agree or disagree or have more to ad, please feel free to leave comments....

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