Top 10 Reasons WordPress is the CMS for You

    The WordPress CMS is a worldwide favorite for hundreds of reasons. Here are the Top 10 reasons that WordPress is the Content Management System for your website.

    10) WordPress takes a great deal of the stress out of traditional content management by providing fun features that will make your content more engaging.

    9) WordPress is so popular, professional design firms make high quality, affordable WordPress themes (website "skin" templates) that can be tailored to produce the look and feel you want for your website.

    8) WordPress uses open sourcing to give tech experts the opportunity to expand and improve upon WordPress technologies and we all get to benefit from their creativity.

    7) WordPress is so popular among those tech experts that an active, engaged community has grown around WordPress, which means designers can tap into a wealth of information freely given by the best of the best in WordPress.

    6) WordPress maintains paid and volunteer teams that identify vulnerabilities and plug leaks that might otherwise be used by hackers, which keeps your website safe as long as you perform regular updates.

    5) The WordPress community generates plugins and widgets for just about anything you can imagine, so you get all the functionality you need with a properly designed WordPress website.

    4) The WordPress CMS can be used by small businesses, but there is also an enterprise-level CMS, which means that your WordPress website can grow with your business with less downtime and lower costs than you might expect.

    3) WordPress technologies create an easy balance between front-end aesthetics and back-end functionality, so you can get great looking results throughout your website.

    2) Generating and distributing content on WordPress is particularly easy, because WordPress provides familiar features that experienced bloggers and content providers can master quickly, while producing professional-quality results.

    1) The top reason WordPress is the CMS for you is because WordPress is a fairly intuitive technology that is easy for anyone to learn to use quickly,      which means even an online novice can get optimal results with only a little practice.

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