The Importance of Print Materials in Completing Your Brand



    Everyone in business has come to realize the importance of marketing. If you expect to see an increase in sales, you have to market your product or service to your customers. And while most businesses boast of a strong online presence, and a sound inbound marketing strategy, it leaves them wondering if print media is done. “Out with the old and in with the new” is a phrase some may be applying to printed products. However, do not do away with your print marketing strategy just yet. Print marketing is just as relevant as ever. Here are 4 reasons print material plays an important role in completing your brand.


    Helps you stand out from the crowd

    Even though some may think of print marketing as outdated, it really brings attention to your brand. Using printed material as a part of your marketing strategy makes you stand out as different (in a good way). Think about it, most businesses are converting all of their sales efforts to inbound marketing. They have left behind print media. Because of this, people are inundated with online marketing material. Getting an email about a product does not have the same impact as receiving a flyer in the mail. The company who sends out printed material stands out as unique. Receiving an attractive mailer or personalized letter from a company makes consumers feel important because they know what went into it.


    Provides tangible reminder of your brand

    Printed materials are physical reminders that your company exists. When your customer gets a printed advertisement or even a business card from you, they are exposed to it physically. They pick it up, touch it, hold it, and look at it. They interact with the piece through more than one of the senses. This is a big positive for the company because people remember things better if more than one sense is used when interacting with the item. In fact, a study at the University of Iowa concluded that people remember those things they touch and see better than even hearing and seeing the object. This means when businesses give out any type of printed material bearing their name, the person is more likely to recall it. This helps solidify your business name in the consumer’s mind. According to the research, this “study is the first to show that our tactile memory is about equal to visual memory.”


    Solidifies your brand

    Your brand is the total impression that people have of your business based on their experiences through various channels and across all touch points. In order to build and/or strengthen your brand, you must expose the consumer to a wide range of marketing materials across several channels. This exposure may include:

    • Web page browsing
    • Social media interaction
    • Telephone call
    • In-person communication
    • Printed material


    When your brand communicates with the consumer, it is strengthening its brand image and solidifying the customer base. It follows that the more channels of communication you have in your marketing strategy, then the stronger your ties are to the consumer.


    Reaches more people

    According to the Pew Research Center, 87 % of adults in the United States use the internet. These individuals go online to connect with others, research information, and purchase goods and services. But, these numbers also indicate that 13 % of people are not online. There are various reasons some people are not online. Some people reported they simply were not interested. Others thought learning how to use the internet would be too difficult. Lastly, a small percentage felt having the internet was not within their budget. Whatever the reasons may be, businesses need to consider this demographic of people. A marketing strategy that relies solely on online tools will not work for these individuals. A print marketing strategy is an effective way to reach this group.


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