Trust Me!

    The Role Trust Plays in Marketing

    Is trust part of your branding? Trust plays some role in most branding, but for some companies it is key to their survival.

    Trust is delicate in any relationship. Trust is hard to gain and easy to loose. When someone's trust is betrayed it can be near impossible to get back. The same can be true for many businesses. If the core of your business relies on your customers trusting you or your product then absolute perfection is paramount. One bad apple can rot the bunch.

    I'm not just talking about product recalls, and product defects. Loosing trust can come from bad reviews, typos, missed deadlines, and mistakes. The larger the mistake the more trust is lost.  

    Strong customer trust means setting your bars high. What are your 'brand morals'? What part of your service or product would you never sacrifice? What key value would you go out of business before breaking? If nothing comes to mind than your business is already in jeopardy (but that is another post). That value is what your customers rely on you for, the core in your strong relationship with your customers.

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