Small Business Branding: 3 Simple Ways to Make a Powerful Brand Identity

    Just because you aren't Nike, doesn't mean your small business can get away without a proper brand identity. No matter what size a company is, every professional entity should have a strong brand if they want to retain and attract more customers. If you are a small business, check out these three simple, but valuable ways to make your small business branding efforts pay off big.

    • Build Your Community: While you do want the general public to be exposed to your brand, it is more powerful to also grow a niche community that will be more likely to notice it. Begin building your community both offline and online. The community you create will actually end up being a very core part of your brand. Grow your following on social media platforms as well as develop your community in the region you are established.
    • Establish Consistency: Your brand will become forgettable when it's not consistent. Maintain consistency in your images and messages on social media platforms, personal profiles, networking events, and offline opportunities. Consistency is the key to establishing a more powerful image.
    • Develop a Unique Voice: A large part of your branding efforts will be the tone you create. First, establish what it is your business has to say and then begin to craft a strategy for how it will be said. Creating a unique voice will help the public differentiate your products or services from what competitors are offering. And the voice you create is also a beneficial way to establish yourself as expert in your field.

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