Sharing is Power: Social Sharing in Email Marketing Part 1

    Social sharing has become a next-to-natural part of email marketing, and it’s a trend that is rendering enormous results. Email has become a social tool in itself. Are you using your emails to your fullest advantage?


    GetResponse researched on the correlation between email marketing and social sharing, and found that the number of people who include social sharing buttons in their emails and newsletters increased to 18.3% this year. Compared to last year’s results, that’s a total increase of 40%! This means that your email click rate could boost by up to 115%!

    For example, Facebook has over 800 million active users across the globe, each with an average of 150 friends. All are potential promoters of your business and services. Just imagine the buzz one share can cause - the domino effect.

    Businesses that create genuine relationships with their audience and respond to their demands and needs with relevant, timely promotions and services will benefit greatly from the effect that their audience can provide. All of that, just by providing social sharing options in your email marketing.


    If you already include social sharing in your email marketing, you are well on your way to reaping the benefits! If not, check out this handy infographic to see why you should. 


    Stay tuned for Part 2! We'll talk about a few different ways of how to add social sharing to your email marketing.

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