Search Term Research: Choosing the Right Words

    What makes a good search engine is its ability to give you the best or most relevant results for your search. We wouldn't search with Google if, when we typed in "Banana Bread," car wash companies came up in the search results. Google needs to get a clear "picture" of what your site (and company) is about in order to more accurately position your company in the search results for that term.

    Choosing search terms is not as obvious or as easy as you may imagine. Terms you use are not necessarily what your customers use. It is also important to select search terms that have traffic. There is a lot of information that can be gathered on your target market and how they are searching for your products. We strongly recommend you take a step back and hire a professional company to conduct your search term research, and give you a list of terms you should optimize your website for. Sinking time and money with out doing proper search term research will cost you far more in the long run.

    Professional search term research is the first place you should start your website and your search engine optimization. Research reveals how many people are searching for terms, how hard it may be to get a good ranking on google for the term, and what the top companies are doing to get their rankings. It is also important to establish these numbers as a baseline for your website, so you can determine if your SEO campaigns are working.

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