Keeping Your Website Design Fresh

    Keeping your website design fresh is essential. Generally, it is best to add fresh content on a monthly basis - updating, adding, and building out. As for your website design, a six month to one year refresh is recommended. A website design refresh could be something fairly simple, like changing out some basic graphics on your homepage, or making minor layout changes to better reflect the pathway or focus you'd like to emphasize.

    We like to practice what we preach, so we did just that: a website design refresh! We updated not only our homepage, but various pages throughout our website to create two "pathways" for visitors. This is a great sales and marketing tactic--guiding visitors through your website rather than letting them try to figure out where they should go. We created two distinct pathways for two types of visitors, so that we can offer them the most relevant information. We also made sure that other key features were readily available, like our Services page, our Portfolio, and our Contact page.

    It is also critical to highlight other supplementary features along the way so they can easily find them. On our site, we highlight our Business Learning Center, where visitors can find our Blog, Website Training Videos, and other useful tools.

    Whether your website is large or small, long-standing or fairly new, regular website design refreshing is essential for keeping visitors interested. Be sure to address graphic design updates and user-based updates to assure your website is user-friendly and effective.

    We offer a 6-month website design refresh to assist businesses in keeping up with their website design changes. Contact us to set up a consultation for website design refresh program for your business.

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