Give Your Website a Boost With Video

    1709-small-dog-creative-video-boost-blog.jpgHow many times have you been sucked into the YouTube vortex of cat videos or cringe-worthy epic fail montages? Video content has the power to grab our attention and keep it there whether it be cute puppies, beauty vloggers, or company profiles. While cat videos may not be your company's niche, using video on your website provides many benefits to your company's visibility and the activity of visitors to your site.

    1. Get to the Point

    The attention span of the average internet browser is shrinking fast. The likelihood that your user will read through a long text description is not very high. Create engaging video clips that provide quick descriptions to answer all of your customer's top questions. Not only will your visitors process your information better, they will feel more confident having seen your product or service in action.


    2. Make Them Stick

    Once you get visitors to your website, how do you keep them there? Video is known to be "sticky" – it keeps visitors on your website for longer periods of time because of its engaging qualities. Instead of only visually taking in your product via text or image, they get to listen to your descriptions and watch your product at work. It's also easier to explain or demonstrate a product via video in a way that people will easily understand and remember. But product demonstration is just the tip of the iceberg. You can give tours of your space so they can picture where you are. You can interview employees and highlight their personal interests. The possibilities are endless!


    3. Win the SEO Game

    Guess what search engines love – video. Not only are you posting fresh content that boosts your SEO ranking, content that includes video is more engaging. Therefore its benefits on your SEO will be greater than new text content like blogs (which is still important!). You can use keywords when you create the title, tags, and description for your video. Plus if you put it out to your social networks (especially YouTube), video is a very shareable piece of content, which pushes your brand out to even wider communities. Just make sure you get your video out there before your competition does. If a Google search shows your video embedded in the results, a potential customer is more likely to click through to yours instead of your competitor's.


    4. Strut Your Stuff

    With videos, you can truly show off your brand's personality. Many companies claim to be hip, cool, and dedicated to customers, but how about you start proving it? Don't be afraid to let loose and recruit your office clown for a starring role. Not only do people enjoy the entertainment, but they enjoy seeing a more personal side to your company to which they can connect. Video is one of the best ways of building trust in your brand if someone isn't interacting with you face to face. Get employees to talk about their experiences or introduce products. This gives a human element to your corporate website more than text or even images ever could.


    5. Beat the Competition

    The question that businesses constantly struggle with is how to make their company stand out in the sea of their competitors. One way of rising above the noise is with video marketing. Not many companies take the time and effort to create engaging and creative video content that puts a face to their business. If you take advantage of this marketing tool, you'll be leaps ahead of your competition. With the compounding benefits of boosted search engine rankings and the potential for viral sharing, you’re on your way to the top of your industry.


    Ready to get started with video marketing? You've come to the right place! We love helping our clients show off their personality through video, and we can help you do it to. Contact us today to see how we can make your website stand out from the pack.


    To learn more about how to improve your marketing strategies, give us a call at 661-702-1310!



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