Five Tips To Get Your Emails Opened

    Not every business believes in email marketing but they should. It is a cheap and easy way to get your message out. However, most business owners believe that it is hard to get people to sign up for your email list and, then, once they are signed up, to actually read your emails. People are simply too busy for all of the emails that they receive in one day. So, how can you make sure that your emails are looked at? You have to make sure that your subject line is one that cannot be ignored!

    Here are some tips to get your emails opened.

    • Promise people that you are going to teach them something important. People always want to learn how to do something better.
    • Use numbers. Numbers make people want to read more. You will really peak their curiosity.
    • Tell people to stop making mistakes. People really hate making mistakes and they want to learn from other’s mistakes.
    • Personalize the subject line. There are some programs that allow you to put a person’s name in the subject line and that can be helpful in getting them to open your emails.
    • Use your real name. People want to know who the email is from. They need to know that it is coming from a real person and not just spam.

    It can be hard to get people to open your emails. You really need to peak people’s interest. They really like numbers because they want to know exactly what the three or five things are going to be. They also like to know if you are going to teach them something or warn them from making mistakes. People also are more likely to open emails if you use their name and your own!

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