Don't Make Carl's Mistake

    Chances are... More people will visit your website than come in the door of your office next year.

    Let me tell you about Carl’s company...

    Carl worked hard to get his company up and running, he spent lots of money designing his office, the signage was perfect, the lobby had welcoming decor, and the offices had top of he line furniture. After months of planning and building his new office was finally complete. Carl stood back to admire his new business and realized he still needed a website. He was not yet convinced a website would bring in customers or money so he budgeted as little as he could for it. He decided that if it worked, down the road he would later invest in something better.

    Carl Went Shopping...

    Carl started shopping around for a web design company. He checked the internet, he asked friends and met with a few web design companies. He ended up choosing an inexpensive freelance web designer that could through together something basic for $500. It was the cheapest bid, he thought if it didn't work then at least he didn't waste a lot of money on it.

    Carl Launched a New Website...

    Carl's new site was lunched two months later, it wasn't well designed, but he though it would do for now. So Carl launched a few paid ads to increase his site visits and stepped back to see what would happen.

    What Carl didn't realize was that more people would visit his website than come in the door of his office.

    His website was the first impression many would have of his company, and his level of service. By investing so little in such a key part of his company he undermined all the money and work he invested in his office. His website got traffic, because he paid for it, but he only got a few calls and they all wanted his prices over the phone, and they never called back.

    What Carl Learned...

    By the time Carl learned there was a problem with his website it was too late. Carl's failure to value his website and see it as a key component of his marketing and branding cost him dearly. Carl set his website up for failure because what he purchased couldn't help his business. While trying to save a few dollars he wasted money on paid ads, and even worse, he wasted time by relying on a site that couldn't possibly attract the level of clients he needed. If Carl had spent more on his website and invested in a professionally designed web presence, he could have attracted the level of clients he needed and built his business faster.

    Carl knows 2013 is going to be a better year, with a new site that represents his business well and can convert visitors into sales.

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