Creative Website Design to Keep Customers Coming Back

    In order for a business to become and remain successful, it must continually attract new customers and entice existing customers to return often. A clean, interesting website design is a must. Here are a few website design tips to keep customers coming back.

    1. Clean design. What does this mean? Use fonts that are easy to read and that don't clash with the background. A black font on a white or off-white background is always good. A red font on a black background, however, is glaring to the eye. Remember, when designing, that readability is more important than a flashy look.
    2. Provide interactive content. You should include a customer poll, or a quiz, or even a fun puzzle (depending on your site's content) to engage customers. Change the interactive content often to encourage return visits.
    3. Offer something for free. Give your website visitors a coupon toward one or more of your products, some free advice in your field, and/or a free e-book that they can download right from the site.
    4. Include a forum or a place for comments on your website. Engaging with your customers is one of the best ways to not only improve your products, based on their comments, but to appear personable and show customers that you care.

    With the proper website design, a business can project professionalism that will keep customers happy, and those customers will spread the word to others. Sometimes even a few simple website design changes, can go a long way in helping a business succeed.

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