Romancing the Crowd: Easy Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

    Who said romance was only for lovers? There's a certain degree of romance in many of our daily experiences. It's in the lace doilies under the crystal bowls filled with freshly cut roses in the perfume store. It's in the hint of men's cologne we smell in the leather section of the furniture gallery. It's in the fabric softener on a co-worker's sweater that you smell across the room. Everywhere we go, good products will appeal to our senses. If we're lucky, the best products will tap into our conceptions of romance. This is something that small business owners like you can bring to your upcoming marketing efforts. Here, we look at two marketing tips for small business owners:

    1. Resist the urge to tell people just what they want to hear. When marketing to prospects, there's only a brief opportunity to share a product or service message. Use online marketing messages to disseminate facts that will be most relevant to a consumer's experience. Don't embellish the details or make promises that might misinform potential buyers.
    2. Give prospective customers valuable insights into the development of your product or service. People want good stories, not just an understanding of how to use something. If you explain how your people invented an idea or made something better to address specific customer demands, prospective users will relate more to your brand. You can also explain how you made a product or service to be of higher quality than a competitor's equivalent.

    Consumers want to believe in a brand and give their loyalty when it's deserved. They're tricky because they will switch to brands that do a better job of communicating relevance. Consumers will pay for a product that isn't as good as yours because of their affinity for that brand. Consider how to add romance to marketing messages. Appeal to the senses of readers. Play on their sentiments without being dishonest. Your company has something perfect for intended users, but you must create the brand story.

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