Are We Having Fun with Marketing? Yes.

    Sometimes, marketing can become routine: Write this blog post, post that picture, update that web page, stay on brand. Done.

     While all of these are necessary and important, remember that fun and interesting content within the context of your brand will generate more followers who are genuinely interested in your company than your typical social media post. With this in mind (And the fact that the Office Gnome has been bugging us about new content) we dragged our office dog around town... Where’s the Small Dog Around Town? Check out some of the pictures below:







    Remember that fun in the context of social media can mean interesting, risky, creative, new, or even odd. We did this by taking our plastic, futuristic-looking “Small Dog” from the office, turning him into a mascot, carrying him around town, and developing a campaign based on where he went locally. A little odd? Yes. Fun? Yes.

    This brings up another important point: When developing a fun and creative marketing campaign, you have to throw your corporate caution to the wind and not take yourself too seriously. Are we a group of highly effective, well-trained professionals? Yes. Are we too professional to be seen at the dog park because our mascot is a dog? No.

    People love it when they can tell you’re having fun. It’s a commonly held belief that the person who loves what they’re doing is going to do a better job than the person who dislikes what they’re doing. If your audience is interested in your brand because they can tell you enjoy what you do because of your quality, funny, and creative content, you’ve hit the jackpot in terms of audience trust.

    So….Are you having fun with your marketing yet? Ready? 


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