How to Repurpose Your Content to Better Your Inbound Marketing



    Ready to bolster your content strategy that improves brand awareness, engages your audience and boosts lead conversions?  Repurposing your blog content is the best strategy to maximizing its reach to various marketing platforms to appeal to different audiences and learning styles.  You see, you can convert your high-trafficked, quality blog content and convert it into multiple forms for more exposure.  You’re working smarter in your inbound strategy…while significantly increasing opportunities for more engagement.

    The goal in this guide is to provide a checklist you can follow with your long-form blog content to better your inbound marketing tactics.

     #1 Publish quality-rich blog content

    The foundation to your inbound marketing strategy is creating value-rich blog content that speaks to your buyer personas.  Being consistent in your blogging improves your SEO, increases brand awareness, positions you as an expert in your industry, and improves conversions.  In fact, companies who blog regularly have 434% more indexed pages than companies who do not and produce 126% more lead growth.  It pays to blog regularly!


    #2 Share the good news with your subscribers

    Your list should be the first to hear about your new blog content!  Why?  Because email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources.  They’ve expressed interest in your brand by opting into your list…and they’re waiting to hear from you.  Give the people what they want by sharing your new blog content and encouraging them to share it with their networks.

    This is certainly ideal to bolstering your email marketing strategy.


    #3 Tell your followers on social media with visuals

    Visuals ROCK on social media!  Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.  Visual content is also more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content (Source: Hubspot). 

    Leverage this power by designing images that complement your blog content and sharing them on your social channels.  Use social media management tools to help you post during times when your social network is most engaged with your content. 


    #4 Take a major highlight and discuss it on live-stream video

    Another way to engage your social media followers is by using live-streaming platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to interact with your audience…live!  You’re able to gain immediate feedback based on the comments and address questions in real-time to for an authentic, transparent experience. 

    It’s a great method to building connections and gain true insight into what your market thinks of your content.    Big brands are leveraging live-streaming to their success, and you can too by repurposing your blog content and sharing it with these audiences. 


    #5 Convert each subheading of your post and create a video series

    Videos have a profound effect on audience engagement and moving people to action.  Consumers are actually 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video (Source: Entrepreneur).  It quickly builds the know, like and trust factor while humanizing your brand. 

    Use each of your major key points in your post and create separate videos that go into further detail of your content.  Upload these videos to your YouTube channel and share them with your list and social media followers over a period fo days. 


    #6 Publish on LinkedIn

    If you’re a B2B brand, you content will excel on LinkedIn Pulse.  Ensure your post fits these guidelines for maximum results then share it on this professional network.  Members are actively seeking content that will add value to their companies. And again, it positions your brand as a leader in your industry.


    #7 Share a snippet with your Snapchat followers

    Do you use Snapchat for business?  This platform is another trending medium to market your brand using social media.  Chat briefly about a segment of your content, then offer an exclusive deal of the day for tuning in.  With a quality blog post, you can easily have enough content to spread over the people the expectancy to seeing your brand daily on Snapchat.


    #8 Create an infographic

    Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3 times more than other any other type of content. It’s the perfect tool to post on social sites for increased exposure and distribute to your email list for even more shares.

    Simply hire a graphic designer sites like or or design your own at and get this created in no time. You can also create a separate blog post just for the infographic…more quality content on your site!


    #9 Repost on Quora

    Quora is an excellent channel to answer questions from your prospective customers. This highly popular Q&A website allows you to search questions that relate to your blog content, answer the questions, then include a link to your original post where they can find out more information. This also creates traffic back to your blog...a winning technique!



    Utilizing this checklist will greatly increase your exposure, grow your email list, and position your brand as the go-to source online.  If you are struggling with ways to rise above the constant Internet noise and get in front of your target market, implementing these strategies is the solution.  You will notice a huge difference in your prospect engagement and lead conversions which will translate to revenue using your inbound marketing practices.


    To learn more about repurposing your website content, give us a call or send us a note today at Small Dog Creative 661-702-1310! 

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