5 WordPress Plugins That Make Your Mobile Website Responsive

    WordPress is one of those sites that provide a platform for your creativity to blossom.

    Although most people think it’s strictly for blogging, WordPress transformed itself to a content management system (CMS). Websites for your corporate business, magazine, or online storefront can all be developed through WordPress. And now they have evolved to include dozens of themes, useful plugins, and network support for those who utilize its platform.

    Our friends at the Search Engine Journal made a list of 5 Fantastic WordPress Plugins that will add responsiveness to your mobile website. You may even be familiar with some of them:

    • JetPack. This plugin has over 33 specific features including the ability to use contact forms, and custom CSS. JetPack aims to be more than a plugin, it wants to be the “package you can’t do without.” This is great for people who want to make their mobile site more user-friendly.
    • WPtouch Mobile. This plugin makes a name for itself with usage on more than 5.5 million blogs! This plugin focuses on the touch aspect of just about every mobile device. For a small fee of $50 a month, you can give users a unique experience on your mobile site.
    • WP Mobile Detector. This plugin detects the very device your users are accessing your mobile site with. If you know the majority of your customers have not quite transitioned to the digital arena, this plugin is right for you!
    • WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0. This plugin gives your mobile site the look and feel of an actual app. With the WordPress Mobile Pack you have cross-platform access, a customized appearance, and so much more!
    • WP Mobile Edition. This plugin is great for websites that aren’t ready to be “app-like” just yet. With WP Mobile Edition your online website will just appear as a mobile friendly version on users mobile devices. Now the user has the power to decide which version of your website they prefer. Power to the user!

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